Townshend Timeline

Townshend, VT Historical Timeline

Date Historical Event
1500’s An estimated 10,000 (or more) native people lived in what is now Vermont.  The general Townshend area has place names that reflect the languages of the Wabenaki and Abenaki peoples.
1753 First Charter is issued for Townshend by Benning Wentworth.
1762 The first charter having lapsed without sufficient settlement, a second charter is issued by Wentworth and settlement by Col. John Hazeltine, Tyler and others followed.
1775-1781 Col. Samuel Fletcher, and others participate in the American Revolution.
1810 Clarina Howard Nichols, a gentle suffragette and abolitionist was born.
1834 Leland Seminary is established; eventually became Leland and Gray Union High School.
1840 The town of Acton becomes part of Townshend.
1852 Clarina Howard Nichols becomes the first woman to speak at the Vermont Legislature.
1861-1865 Townshend sends 100 soldiers to the Civil War in which 23 Townshend men die.
1869 Much of Harmonyville is wiped out in a major flood.
1880-1936 West River Railroad serves the valley townsdespite floods and other catastrophes.
1894 Fire destroys much of the east side of Townshend Village on The Common.
1912 President William Howard Taft visits the homeland of his parents and grandparents.
1917-1918 Two Townshend soldiers die in World War I.
1918 A fire burns much of the east side of Townshend village a second time.
1927 Many parts of Townshend are ravaged by a flood.
1938 West Townshend is devastated by a flood.
1941-1945 Two Townshend soldiers die in World War II.
1949 Grace Cottage Hospital is established.
1959-1961 Townshend Dam is built by the US Army Corps of Engineers for flood-control in the West River and Connecticut River Valleys
1968 A modern Leland and Gray Union High School is built replacing several historic homes and stores on the site.
1978 High waters: the only time that water goes over the Townshend Dam spillway.
2003 Townshend celebrates its 250th Anniversary and Stitch in Time is written by the Townshend Historical Society with Castle Freeman.
2011 Townshend suffers damage from Tropical Storm, Irene.

Hac/THS/Timeline for Townshend Historical Events by CEM Rev093015