Stitch in Time: Index

A Abolition movement, and fugitive slaves, Act 250, Acton, Acton Brook, Adams, Claire, Adams, Hugh C. T., Alcohol consumption, patent medicines and, Allen, Ethan, Allen, Ira, Allen, Seth, Amateur Night, American Legion, American revolution, Anthony, Susan B., Anti-Masonism, Antiques, Apple orchards, Artists, Atwood, Charles Gray, Atwood, Esek, Atwood house, Automobile, Aviation, B Backus, Dr. Robert […]

About the Dutton Family and Townshend Town Hall

The Townshend Town Hall and Opera House were¬†built entirely with funds donated by Kate Cathan Dutton in honor of her husband and son. It seems quite likely that Mrs. Dutton’s funding also provided the six Stuart painted theater curtains as they were purchased in 1922, the same year that the building was erected. At any […]